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Latest News And Views From The ELAS Group

21 September 2018

Equifax Fined For Failing To Protect Customer Data, So How Can You Avoid The Same Mistakes?

After a recent investigation into the security breach of credit reference agency, Equifax, the Information...

19 September 2018

Could Coming Into The Office With A Cold Do More Harm Than Good?

As Storm Ali hits the UK this week and temperatures drop, cold and flu creeps back into the office. So, how do you...

18 September 2018

Train Delays Reach 12 Year High, So What Can Businesses Do To Combat Employee Lateness?

The Office of Rail and Road (ORR) has released data, showing that UK train delays have reached a 12 year high.

5 September 2018

New STS Food Safety Standard for Food Suppliers and Distributors

STS’s food safety certifications for food suppliers are well established and nationally recognised as reputable,...

4 September 2018

Employment law changes: October 2018

We’re fast approaching October’s employment law changes but you can breathe a sigh of relief, there is only once...

3 September 2018

Food poisoning: deadly outbreaks, causes and controls

It has been confirmed that the couple that died whilst on a Thomas Cook holiday in Egypt tested positive for Shigella...

23 August 2018

Hand Washing...Is Yours Up To Scratch?

Why is a 'correct' hand washing procedure so important? Well most importantly effective hand washing is essential in...

22 August 2018

National Burger Day 2018 - The Rare Burger Debate

Trendier and more popular than ever, burgers have firmly established itself as a favourite in the UK. It's a product...

20 August 2018

Indirect discrimination in interviews: what can you learn from the Farah Alhajeh case?

A Swedish Muslim woman has won £3,420 (40,000 kronor) compensation after her job interview ended after she refused to...

17 July 2018

Care Providers Breathe Massive Sigh of Relief After Court of Appeals Ruling

The Court of Appeal has found that carers who sleep at a client’s home, while technically being on call, are not...